Live Better Now promotes wellness and action for freedom minded individuals.

We have a ton of free content for you to enjoy, so check out the right side bar on the home page. Topics include:

  • Past Money Supply Reports: Each month, I break down the latest Federal Reserve money supply report. Although I have made the current month’s report subscriber only, I am making all past reports free.

  • Wednesdays with Wenzel: the late, great Robert Wenzel’s work in economics, investing, and political philosophy is re-examined and highlighted in relation to current events.

  • Cold Exposure Training: I’ve been taking daily cold showers for over a year, and I talk about my journey and provide some tips for those that want to get started.

  • Fatherhood Follies: parents will enjoy the humbling stories of trying to raise children in the 2020’s

  • Parody or Covid safety: have you ever noticed that some Covid safety precautions seem kind of crazy? That’s because they are.

  • Jiu Jitsu Journey: an old(ish) man starts training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in his late 40’s and lives to tell about. So far, at least.

  • Favorite Posts: Here is a collection of my favorite articles that I have authored. They range on topics of libertarianism, knowing the self, Buddhism, economics, political activism, and more. I hope you enjoy them.

I look forward to your journey with us.

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David Burns
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