For the cold, psych yourself down, not up

Here’s another tip for the folks that are trying to learn the ropes of cold exposure.

As a reminder, I don’t promote cold exposure for the health benefits or the science. I promote it for the experience. Once you experience it, you will know why you should do it.

When I get in a rut, I always try to get pumped up. But generally, this is the wrong approach. Psyching myself up is promoting the ego. When it comes to cold showers, a loud ego is the opposite of what you want. The ego is going to be doing everything it can to keep you from turning that water to cold.

Instead, calm your mind. Psych yourself down. I like to remember that the argument in my head is not between me and someone else. It’s all just energy spinning around and being wasted. The voice in your head is just energy. Nervous energy blowing off steam. When you psych yourself up, you provide it more energy.

Do the opposite. Fall behind the noise. Be quiet and still. Drain the ego of its power.

Then walk over to that shower, put the water on cold and step in. You will be glad you did.