My neighborhood isn't diverse, and I don't care

Yet again, someone in my social circle uttered, in the most grave tone, the phrase, “my neighborhood isn’t diverse…” This is some kind of problem, I am told.

I just wish my neighborhood was more diverse.

My kids are growing up in a very narrow culture with a lack of diversity.

All of my kids influences are going to be rich, white people.

Oh, the humanity…

This isn’t the first time I have heard this, because I have more than one rich white liberal friend / family member. It’s the chic, cool kid thing to do, if you are a rich white liberal - to bemoan the lack of diversity in your neighborhood. If you can make it sound like it’s something you are concerned about for the children, even better.

Uttering such nonsense is a friendship-limiting move with me. It’s not that the person isn’t nice or well meaning. I just can’t be close friends with people this stupid. I can make small talk and share a bottle of wine. That’s about as far as I can go.

You really have to worry your sad little ego to the ground in order to come up with this complaint. You don’t have to struggle for money. You don’t have to worry about your kid’s education. You don’t have to worry about being able to afford medical bills. You don’t have to worry about murders or robberies.

And yet - isn’t the ego amazing? - you find something else.

Not enough blacks

That’s what their ego keyed in on.

What will our (also rich, white) friends think of us?

For the worried ego of the modern affluent liberal, there is a grave danger. Their child might grow up to be a racist. Or, gasp, not a Democrat!

It’s all so suggestive. They get played. They’re constantly told the world is so racist. They must do something about it. If they’re not actively being non-racist, they are being racist. If their kids aren’t learning black handshakes, their kids will make the OK sign!!!

Because it’s not really a question of diversity. Not in the broadest sense. It’s solely about blacks. American blacks. Non-American blacks do not score points. Sorry, Sam Obisanya, you are only a hero in the fictional Richmond, UK.

I live in one of these neighborhoods that lacks the right kind of diversity. Yet my neighbors are Jews, Indians, Armenians, Asians…. And of course, that’s not where the diversity stops. All of our backgrounds are fantastically diverse.

It doesn’t matter.

Not one bit do I care about my neighborhood’s diversity, or lack thereof. It’s diverse enough for us. If another black family moved in (I think there’s a couple of them somewhere around here), that would be fine. If none move in, that’s also fine. Those are choice being made by other people that best fit with their preferences. And they are none of my business.

What I do care about is the low crime, the big backyard, the good schools, and ultimately the happiness of my children.

That’s my business. And that’s why I am happy with my neighborhood, and will be, no matter its racial component.